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A premier clinical research organization, with a distinguished focus on comprehensive clinical trial services, regulatory affairs, and medical writing, we proudly collaborate with esteemed partners in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device sectors. Our commitment to excellence and breadth of expertise exemplify our leadership in advancing healthcare solutions.


Our organization provides comprehensive clinical trial management, regulatory affairs consulting, and medical writing services. We specialize in Phase I to IV trials across a broad spectrum of therapeutic areas, ensuring excellence in every aspect of clinical research.


Boasting over a decade of industry experience, our accomplished team excels in clinical research, regulatory affairs, and medical writing. We lead with confidence, leveraging our expertise to drive successful outcomes in every endeavor.


Dr. Jayesh J. Sanmukhani, MD

With an extensive tenure spanning over a decade in clinical research and drug development, Dr. Jayesh J. Sanmukhani has emerged as a distinguished leader in the pharmaceutical domain. His impactful roles at multiple pharmaceutical MNCs have enriched his expertise across a wide spectrum of therapeutic areas. He has adeptly overseen several pioneering projects introducing novel formulations and fixed dose combinations in diverse therapeutic domains, marking notable firsts in India.


Dr. Sanmukhani's pivotal involvement in various vaccine development initiatives underscores his commitment to advancing public health on a global scale. Notably, he has played a pioneering role in the development of COVID-19 vaccines, showcasing his visionary leadership and dedication to combating global health challenges. Beyond his instrumental contributions to research, Dr. Sanmukhani's prolific publication record in esteemed journals reflects his status as a respected authority in the field, cementing his legacy as a trailblazer in pharmaceutical innovation.

Dr. Sanmukhani's contacts: | +91 7600012192

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